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Manet "tailored" by Nexa

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June - July 2013

A major Édouard Manet exhibition has just closed in Venice and Nexa capped the summer in style with a series of custom designed cultural events created for the Office of Financial Promoters of Banca Mediolanum, Venice.

In a fascinating journey through the paintings and drawings by the influential Impressionist artist, alongside a guide of excellence, guests had the opportunity to discover the masterpieces, secrets and curiosities of the great master.

And after a private visit to the Manet exhibition ... a leisurely moment at Caffè Florian for a cocktail in the most iconic coffeehouse in St. Mark's Square.

An exclusive event that Nexa has designed and organized from A to Z, from consulting with the client on the feasibility study and communication, to the organizing secretariat and the contact with the guests to the on-site supervision and attention to every organizational detail and service.

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