Flower Power


January 15th, 2021

Flowers are the tangible expression of the dream, the underlying theme that defines the style of the wedding, the first emotion you share with your guests when you welcome them.

Together with our flower designers, we devote a great deal of time to creating the perfect floral design, which is often a veritable scenography, setting the mood of the wedding, the work of art that the bride and groom want to treat themselves and their guests to. And it all comes from listening to their requirements, preferences, tastes, style and, of course, budget.

We invited Alessia Martin of Laboratorio Lillà to walk you through some of the steps to take to start building your own dream setting.

The Style: the first thing to define is the style you want to give to your wedding so that you can then shortlist the options offered.

Colour: choosing the colour palette for the flower displays, staging and decor is definitely the second thing to do when you start thinking about the set design. Today, greenery, or the use of leaves, is increasingly important and Alessia is a great fan, buying the strangest and most unusual varieties on the market. 

The Season: Choosing flowers according to the season guarantees a perfect result every time, but nowadays focusing only on this aspect may be limiting, as the market offers endless possibilities. Relying on a good florist/floral designer who knows how to guide you with his or her experience and creativity is essential to ensure you make the right choice! 

The Ceremony and the Reception: when choosing the flowers and decorations, the architectural features of the church (or the wedding venue if you have opted for a civil ceremony) and the reception venue must be carefully considered. Before starting work on the project, it is necessary to carry out on-site surveys of the areas involved. 

The Details: As always, the difference is in the details – even the tiniest ones. Let yourself be transported into the wonderful world of accessories such as hola hoop bouquets, bridal headpieces, corsages and boutonnières, and much, much more – you won't regret it!

If you liked this article, listen also to our Instagram live broadcast during the lockdown on the theme "Bridal floral accessories" with Alessia Martin, the fantastic flower designer of Lillà, the Padua flower studio that is one of the most popular with our brides.

Photo © La Ale Lillà

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