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CIMPRESS with NEXA in Venice between tradition and innovation

Cultural Event

The giant of "mass customization" strategies, CIMPRESS is the world leader in digital printing. The concept behind CIMPRESS and the top brands that are part of it, is mass customization of the product, combined with the efficiency of large retailers to meet the individual needs of its customers.

And if it is true that digital technology has connected the world, but the world has never been so disconnected, for CIMPRESS it is the "tangible and personalized" connection that they strive to empower their customers with.

In Venice, we then guided the CIMPRESS management team to the discovery of real "tangible impressions", proposing a program in the name of tradition, history and curiosity. 

After a dinner in one of the most beautiful terraces of the city, a scenic tour of the lagoon of Venice, and a tasting of the delicious Venetian cicchetti, we accompanied our guests to visit Venice's oldest and still thriving print shop. There they were able to view authentic art objects; unique and inimitable products in leather and marbled paper, created following the methods of a centuries-old tradition, extraordinary items made with vintage machines and printing presses from the early twentieth century.

It was a real "wow" experience and, once again, the proof that it is first-hand appreciation that will shape the most lingering memories, encapsulating the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Client: Cimpress

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