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5 big names for Nexa's 2015 Venice Art Biennale

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Venetian Heritage, Louis Vuitton, the Turkish Pavilion, Tina Kim Gallery, Carroll / Fletcher: these are the big names who chose Nexa for their events, during the opening week of the 56th Venice Art Biennale.

A very busy week, for which the Nexa team in full force had been working non-stop since February. A week when, every year, all eyes are on Venice, which celebrates contemporary art with great parties and events and proves once again that each edition is more vibrant and lively than the previous edition.

We were ready to take everything in stride: 11 events for Nexa, in the most prestigious venues in the city: cocktail parties, presentations, exhibition openings, gala dinners and even a garden luncheon party set the pace of these really hectic days!

In addition to consulting and general logistics, we coordinated more than 30 assistants, hostesses, accompanying persons, security personnel, beautiful (and very tall) models ... In one week our "runners" delivered more than 500 invitations and welcome bags around town!

Louis Vuitton started off with the inauguration of the new exhibition in its Espace Culturel of the Maison near Piazza San Marco. A new COMPARISON between great artistic figures titled Tilo Schulz <> Francesco Hayez. An Installation by the former that communicates with two lunettes by the latter, recently restored thanks to the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Fondazione MUVE.

Venetian Heritage gave their very best, organizing three wonderful days of events to raise funds for the restoration of the artistic heritage of Venice, and welcomed their guests in the Australia Pavilion, Ca' Rezzonico, the Doge's Palace, the Accademia Galleries, the Fortuny Showroom and the Granaries at Hotel Cipriani for the final gala dinner, with major sponsors like Samsung, Bulgari, Davines.

Two sparkling parties for the Turkish Pavilion for Turkey's first participation in the Venice Art Biennale. The must-attend event was the Dancing on the island Party, which no one wanted to miss despite the sudden downpour! The island of San Clemente was transformed for the occasion, with precious carpets creating a path winding through the gardens to the pool, where a buffet of Turkish and Venetian food, a well-stocked open bar awaited the guests and great live music rocked Venice almost until morning!

A trio of galleries, Tina Kim Gallery + Kukje Gallery + Boghossian Foundation, instead presented Dansaekhwa, an exhibition covering the 3 floors of Palazzo Polignac, with a cocktail party in the magnificent garden facing the Canal Canal and a very private dinner for 180 people on the second floor of the building with elegantly set Imperial tables and magnificent works of art.

At Ca 'Zen, the guests of the London gallery Carroll / Fletcher attended an artist talk on the main floor, followed by drinks served in the inner courtyard and elegant garden of the Palace. Steve Fletcher did the honours and spoke of how contemporary art installations are now made with innovative and sophisticated technologies.

With well-established collaborations like those with Louis Vuitton and Smith-Petersen - the PR team for Tina Kim Gallery, more recent confirmations such as Venetian Heritage and the Turkish Pavilion, and the 2015 newcomer Carroll / Fletcher, the week for Nexa was very positive!

Clients: Venetian Heritage, Louis Vuitton, Padiglione Turchia, Tina Kim Gallery, Carroll/Fletcher

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