The scent of old shops: a walk across working Venice


Venice is the work of the creative genius of man and in the work of her artisans the city retains the richness of its traditions and the precious objects that it still produces. 

Did you know Gold leaf is flattened with just a delicate breath? If the breath of the “gold beater" is too strong, the leaf becomes unusable?

Entering a historical atelier and see how a paper mache mask is created, touching it, decorating it and then wearing it has all the seductive charm of what has made the city famous in the world. 

And on the subject of seduction, how can one not be enchanted by the skilled hands of a weaver who, working on an original 18th loom, spends an entire day producing a piece of damask that measures just 30 cm? The velvets, satins and silks of Venice’s ancient weaving workshops reveal the soul of a city of "master artisans", whose refined techniques are entirely unique in the world. 

How is a gondola, the quintessential product of Venetian craftsmanship, made? Did you know that 8 different types of wood for a total of 280 separate parts are needed to produce a gondola, which is always custom built specifically for its gondolier?

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