Setting up an event, "staging" its concept, is to create communication.

Conferences, conventions and meetings require efficient and technologically innovative technical equipment such as state-of-the-art sound systems, video projection, interactive computerized technologies, and booths for simultaneous translation. If, on the one hand, conventions are defined by their flashy setup, ministerial meetings require the installation of on-site technical secretariats, and conferences demand several poster sessions and exhibition areas.

Galas and private events are instead defined by the creativity and imagination that provide the guidelines for the stage design projects, which must therefore have a highly individualized and strategic significance. Every detail – mise en place, furnishings, floral arrangements, lighting – combine to create the perfect ambiance and enhance the emotion that underlies the organization.

We make every effort to supervise our professional partners – producers, engineers, interior designers and decorators, engineers – through whom we guarantee a complete and flawless service: from the concept for the project design of the event, the on-site technical inspections at the chosen venue, the production rendering, logistics and transport, and assembly, all the way to the completion of the final project.