The main activities in the creation of an event are coordinated by the organizing secretariat, the back office where all the services and relations are "processed". This office plays a vital role in the communication between all parties involved and ensures the perfect efficiency of the organization.

The feasibility plan and the identification of the organizational stages are guaranteed through communication with the client, while the team defines the actions needed. The organizing secretariat starts preliminary contacts with suppliers and manages the relationships with the conference participants or event guests so as to better plan the implementation of the logistics and all necessary services: reception, hospitality, catering, equipment, leisure time.

Closely related to the organizing secretariat is the administrative secretariat coordinating the financial aspects of the event: budget, quotes, orders, invoices and accounts. It also takes care of each contractual procedure with the client as well as the suppliers, liaising with the banks and legal advisors.

Nexa considers the organizing secretariat an essential and targeted service, a precise and reliable design mechanism. Each gear rotates synchronously and in synergy with the others to ensure the best outcome.