Logistics is the strategic management of people and materials flow through an organization and is a key aspect of any successful event. Especially in a city like Venice where everything takes place on water, it takes highly sophisticated logistics to achieve the goals set by our clients, and involves all kinds of boats, as the only means enabling us to organize transfers and ferry goods.

Water taxis
take guests directly to the hotel from the airport and deluxe wooden speedboats with luxurious leather interiors are used for VIP transfers. A large sightseeing boat will carry conference participants for a group outing in the lagoon and the traditional gondolas will row guests to the palace for a gala, while barges are employed to ferry materials and furnishings.

Moving people and things in a city built on water is the daunting task we are faced with on a day to day basis. We work hard to rise to the challenge, relying on a perfectly calibrated logistical mechanism to make sure that everyone arrives at the right place at the appointed time.