Wonder and Fantasy Nature: all the news and information on the 2014 Carnival of Venice News

Natura Fantastica will come alive in a few hours!
After a preview last week, the Carnival of Venice 2014 officially takes its start tomorrow at 15:00 with the arrival in San Marco of the 12 beautiful Venetian girls called "le Marie".
"Renaissance: Carpaccio meets Bill Viola"
Itineraries and tours

In an evocative and cinematic installation, until May 25, Espace Louis Vuitton Venice presents "Renaissance", the second art project of the French luxury brand in collaboration with Musei Civici Veneziani.
Nexa's style at the 2013 Venice Art Biennale Vernissage

May 29 saw the official opening of the 55th edition of the Venice Biennale, the most famous international exhibition of contemporary art in the world.
Manet "tailored" by Nexa Itineraries and tours

A major Édouard Manet exhibition has just closed in Venice and Nexa capped the summer in style with a series of custom designed cultural events created for the Office of Financial Promoters of Banca Mediolanum, Venice.
Nexa: Our best event? The next one! News

"For over twenty years Nexa has been organizing special events in the heart of Venice. International experience, customer focus, world-class service and attention to detail, plus a vast network of local contacts and professional relationships, and access to exceptional venues: the Nexa team offers unique and unexpected opportunities."
PMV and Nexa on the same "track" News

The initiative also involved Nexa, and our hostesses, wearing a t-shirt and hat with the "the Venice tramway" logo, handed out "feed back" postcards to "all the world", tourists, travellers, passers-by and local citizens, on which they could write comments, opinions and suggestions on the tramway connecting Venice to Mestre.
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