Festa del Redentore - Feast of the Redeemer Event

The popular Feast of the Redeemer will soon be rolling around again, with a programme that fully respects the over 400 year-long tradition of this festival.
Fundamentals 2014: Meet Nexa in architecture!

With less than a month before the official preview of the Biennale 2014 International Architecture Exhibition, at Nexa the preparations for the events organized by our top clients are well under way.
There is a house in the heart of Venice ... for a private event surrounded by history, art and music Location

There is a building in the heart of art and music in Venice, where every event becomes special and everything is infused with magic. A location with a strong vocation for art and music, still unknown to many.
Nexa discovers a glorious historic venue News

After a careful onsite inspection and the participation in the Open Day on January 17, Nexa is pleased to present a very precious and elegant palace, the private residence of a noble Venetian family.
Rockport chooses Nexa for the Venetian leg of the press trip Event

In the coming days, Rockport is taking a group of journalists to Venice to try out their new line of footwear.
Wonder and Fantasy Nature: all the news and information on the 2014 Carnival of Venice News

Natura Fantastica will come alive in a few hours!
After a preview last week, the Carnival of Venice 2014 officially takes its start tomorrow at 15:00 with the arrival in San Marco of the 12 beautiful Venetian girls called "le Marie".
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