T FONDACO DEI TEDESCHI - The new luxury retail concept in the heart of Venice Event

7,000 square meters, 60 boutiques, 450 windows, 4 lifts, a fire-engine red escalator called the "red carpet", 1 panoramic terrace with a 360 degree panoramic view from Venice to the Alps, T Fontego ("T" stands for Traveller) wants to become the luxury shopping destination, offering international and Venetian products, top brands and cultural events.

This year we are at Villa d'Este on Lake Como and on the occasion of the "Limited Partner Advisory Committee Meeting" and, in addition to the logistics, Apax has entrusted us also with the tour and excursion programme.
Redentore in Venice: tradition and glamour for the most Venetian festival of the year News

Every third Sunday in July, for over four centuries, in Venice the Festa del Redentore has celebrated the end of the plague that ravaged the city in the sixteenth century. A pontoon bridge is built connecting Venice to the island of Giudecca and the votive Church of the Redeemer, built in thanksgiving for the deliverance from the plague.
Roberta di Camerino's atelier in Venice. A place that made the history of fashion in the world News

Today Roberta di Camerino’s atelier lives again, in the heart of Venice, in a historic palace, bathed in the charm of the masterpieces it bears witness to. Roberta gave us a private tour of the first workshop of her mother Giuliana, world renowned as Roberta di Camerino, the lady who, in the 1950s, changed the way to wear a bag.
“Venice, the Jews and Europe”. The Doge's Apartments, Palazzo Ducale Opening

This year the Ghetto of Venice turns 500 on 29 March and the city marks the anniversary with several events highlighting Jewish culture. All the events aim to recount the story of a place that made the word “ghetto” a household name in many languages, and communicate the cultural and artistic contribution the Venetian Jewish community was able to impart despite the restrictive conditions imposed on it.
Helmut Newton at Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice. Fascinating insights into the world of the great photographer of timeless elegance Itineraries and tours

Helmut Newton’s photography influenced the visual culture of an epoch. He was the first to get fashion shoots out of the studio and into real world locations, the city, the streets, portraying beautiful, often completely unclothed, women. His erotically charged images were meant to evoke, provoke, and seduce, presenting a new woman, one that was way beyond the cultural models of the 1970s.
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