Launch of the Heureka Hotel in Venice at the George Club in London Event
April 24th, 2018

On Tuesday 24 April, the George Club in Mayfair, London, hosted the press breakfast for the international launch of the Heureka Hotel.
Hotel Heureka: a world of Beauty in the heart of Venice Location

Beauty, Heart, Venice, three words to define Heureka, a brand newdesign boutique hotel, set at the centre of an oasis of tranquillity, among the orchards and gardens of the Cannaregio district.
A tour with Nexa at the Venice Glass Week Itineraries and tours

Glassmaking is one of the activities that best represents the "handmade with fine craftsmanship" concept and part of our project on Venice's most talented artisans.
Art Crafts in Venice Itineraries and tours

Craftsmanship encapsulates the value of Venice, its unique history, its structure which imposes an incredible relationship between time and space and can best be told through its master craftsmen with a project focussing on Venetian arts and crafts.
Nexa, logistics and luxury brands in Venice Event

We are passionate about organizing logistics seamlessly and this has earned us the trust of many luxury brands that return every year on the occasion of the great Venetian event.
Venart Palace in Venice: a new location for our events Location

Luxury and intimacy: two words to define Venart Palace, the boutique hotel recently opened in Venice. A 5-star luxury hotel, 18 rooms, a garden on the Grand Canal, an inner courtyard, and elegant atmosphere, antiques, art books, a starred chef in the kitchen.
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