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We offer seven itineraries that range from the Venetian Lagoon to the Treviso and Euganean Hills, the Friulian Collio and the Carso area.

We want to welcome you into immersive experiences that encapsulate the wonderful world of the great food, great wine and picture-perfect landscapes of these magical lands.


Venissa: the rediscovered vineyard in the heart of the Venetian Lagoon

A day in one of the outer islands of the Venetian lagoon with a stop at Venissa on the Island of Mazzorbo, to rediscover the wine culture of Venice.

On this island, the Bisol family - the award-winning producer of Prosecco in Valdobbiadene - recovered an ancient indigenous vine from the 15th centuary that was thought to have been extinct but had in fact been swallowed up over time by vegetable gardens and convent orchards.

The refined beauty of this special place forms the backdrop to the exquisite hospitality. Your host will tell the story of these new beginnings sitting at one of the tables in the osteria before a dish of delicious fish and a glass of Venissa wine. Request information >

Bisol Prosecco, the symbol of Italian lifestyle excellence

Drinking a glass of prosecco superiore DOCG is like savouring the unique charm of its history; it is sparkling, fresh, and light, with subtle notes of flowers and all the character of its terroir and the indigenous vines it comes from.

From the steep slopes in the appellation, the 
Bisol family produces the highest quality wines and has transformed the top of the Cartizze hill into the most valuable vineyard in Italy.

A day at the 
Bisol winery is spent learning the history of the wine-making typical of the lands of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, before discovering the Abbey of Santa Maria di Follina, one of the region’s hidden gems. Request information >

Maeli: The Queen of Moscato

The Maeli winery is the result of incredible drive and creative vision fuelled by the contagious passion of its owner, Elisa Dilavanzo, an entrepreneur of rare tenacity and an innate talent for the world of wine.

The story behind Elisa and her Maeli reads like the script of some film or television drama, full of twists and turns. The elements to make it a cult movie are all there: from the serendipitous life-changing encounter and the thousands vicissitudes encountered on the way, to the happy ending and the international recognition that the winery has managed to achieve in such a short time. All this has been made possible thanks to the support of the Bisol brothers, Gianluca and Desiderio, of the historic family of Prosecco producers, who strongly believed in Elisa and in this terroir.

A story that is worth listening to and a wine, the Moscato Giallo, that one cannot resist and, in the end, love! Request information >

Borgoluce: 1220 hectares of life

Creating an ideal balance with the environment, Borgoluce is at one with the land from which genuine products and clean energy are produced. The estate comprises 1220 hectares of vineyards, pastures, woodlands, farms, arable fields, orchards, mills and cheese dairies, which have been in the family of the Princes of Collalto for more than a thousand years.

A not-to-be missed opportunity to visit one of the few Italian estates where eco-sustainability and biodiversity yield rich wines and agricultural produce that express all the values of the estate: attention, care and respect for natural resources. Request information >

Venica & Venica: generations of forward-thinking wine-makers

"At Venica & Venica, you are welcomed by a dog called Luna, the roses smell of lemon, strawberries grow out of old barrels, the wine is like the nectar of the gods. Ornella shows you around the estate with elegance and passion, introducing you into an enchanted world that you will never want to leave.”

Discovering Venica & Venica is a real experience, an immersion into the history of this wine estate established in 1930 by great-grandfather Daniele and continued today thanks to the passion of this vintner family, who have managed to create a strong synergy with the Collio, its vineyards and its grapes. Request information >

Castello di Buttrio: a trip to the lush native grapevines of the Friuli hills

Alessandra Felluga throws open the doors of her wine resort to visitors and welcomes them to a place on which she lavishes her attention and care on a daily basis, where everything still retains the authentic flavours of the countryside: the style of the place, the interior design, the delicious food, the top quality wines. On these hills, vineyards have always found the ideal soil on which to grow. 

Everything at Castello di Buttrio has the unaffected character of a place where time seems to stand still among vine-scented hills, ancient trees and quiet, leafy paths, but spending a day on this wine estate also offers the opportunity to appreciate the painstaking restoration that has brought back to life the 18thcentury Villa, the 17thcentury Residence, the farm buildings and adjacent stables, together with the 14thcentury church. 
Not to be missed is the breathtaking view over the Gulf of Trieste, which can be enjoyed from the park of the estate. Request information >

Castelvecchio: a window into the history of the Karst vineyards

Owned by the Terraneo family, the Castelvecchio wine estate is located in the Karst region. This is an area steeped in history, a place where past, present and future come together. We will visit the vineyard, which yields wines exalting the typical character of the terroir, like Malvasia and Terrano; we will visit the park dedicated to the great poet Giuseppe Ungaretti, with its leafy footpaths in the shade of ancient trees, and we will visit the 18th century villa with its frescoes and vestiges of the past.

A visit to the Castelvecchio estate is like taking a journey back in time, and where you cannot help but feel the lure of history, art, and wine-making in an area that has been the scene of some of the events that changed the destiny of Italy at the beginning of the 20th Century. Request information >

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