Venice: The World of Glass Artisans

Venice: The World of Glass Artisans

Two itineraries dedicated to the those who, with their craftsmanship and creativity, continue the magical tradition of artistic glassmaking in the heart of the city.

The first tour will take you to 
Bruno Amadi's workshop where the master, one of the greatest lampworking experts, produces miniature animal and vegetable worlds. Next, the workshop of Marco Franzato, who, with his artistic Tiffany style stained-glass leaded windows, is the proponent of highly original combinations of glass and metal.

In the second tour, Nexa guide will introduce you to the magical world of
S.U.V Venetian Beads, the vibrant workshop where expert perleri, or master bead makers, combine glass with precious materials to create exquisite beads of incomparable beauty, and then on to La Perla Nera, Paola's shop/studio where the artisan/crafter creates original statement jewelry by assembling tiny Murano beads with creative techniques and a very personal design.

Photo Credit
SUV glass beads
 Federica Lazzarini, Nexa sas
Foto Testo:
- Federica Lazzarini, Nexa sas
- SUV glass beads
- Federica Lazzarini, Nexa sas

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