The scent of old shops: a walk across working Venice


Venice is the work of the creative genius of man and in the work of her artisans the city retains the richness of its traditions and the precious objects that it still produces. The old workshops speak of the truest Venice, of the places where the local artisans still endow the city with a role that is productive and innovative at the same time.

Entering a historical atelier and see how a paper mache mask is created, touch it, decorate it and then wear it has all the seductive charm of what has made the city famous in the world.

Murano blown glass reflects the soul of Venice: the transparency, fragility, the light and colours that the precious objects shaped by the master glassmakers perfectly reproduce.

Also, the mosaic masterpieces with gold leaf and enamels, remain an ancient treasure. The Library of Colour in thelast remaining mosaic factory in Venice contains a wealth ofmore than 3500 glass paste colours that can yield a boundless number of shades and hues.

Last but definitely not least, the prestigious fabrics, woven on hand looms, of which Venice boasts a thousand-year-long history; velvets, damasks, satins, lampas, brocadels, taffeta and printed cottons, reveal the soul of a city of merchants and travellers and explore unique processing techniques.

The artisan world is an exciting reality that carries a scent of yesteryear and transports us to a Venice that is age-old and yet forever young and still capable of creating unrepeatable masterpieces.

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