The islands of the Lagoon: a watery maze


The islets and grassy shoals that we skirt were once populated by those who fled the mainland to take shelter from recurring barbarian invasions. This marshy archipelago provided hunting, fishing, agriculture, trading posts and, even back then, some form of tourism thanks to the mild climate. In the lagoon there was life before Venice.

Torcello was one of the first islands to be inhabited, soon becoming the heart of the economic and social life of the Venetian civilization. Today it is an oasis of silence, an immersion into nature, surrounded by canals and fishing ponds where time seems to be standing still.

Burano, famous in the world for its lace, is like a kaleidoscope of a thousand colours. Legend has it that the fishermen painted their houses in bright hues to be able to see them from afar when they came back from the sea.

Murano is the island of blown glass: its glassworks preserve the secrets of glass processing that have been handed down through the generations with the creation of real works of art.

There are many islands in the lagoon and, with its own traditions and activities, each one has helped to make Venice great. We continue our journey across a unique and fascinating landscape, an intimate experience to be lived following the trails of the history of which the islands of the lagoon were the silent witnesses.

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