Live Venice like a Venetian

Live Venice like a Venetian


As you descend the steps of a crooked bridge, cross the threshold of a courtyard and rest a while on an ancient well-head, you begin to feel you’re on a treasure hunt.  Is there any other city in the world where a casual stroll offers such an experience?  

A gondola catches our eye, leaning gently against the dock - and now we discover another Venice! Everything is different when viewed from the water: buildings reveal their ornate facades, private gardens are spotted behind gates, and we witness the city through the eyes of the noble Venetians of the past, who traversed the city’s waterways by gondola. 

We revel in our time on the water; a gondolier teaches us how to row, a friend takes us on her little boat around a labyrinth of secret canals, and a fisherman takes us out to the Lagoon.

And when we take a flight in a helicopter, we look down upon one of the greatest wonders of the world!

Looking at Venice from the top of a bell tower, surrounded by a hushed silence, its skyline silhouetted on a watery horizon, have you ever felt part of a never-ending story? Have you ever imagined that this enchanted view has remained unchanged for centuries?

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