Gourmet Venice: a taste experiences between markets, osterie and Michelin-starred tables


Taking a stroll through the stands of the Rialto Market is a must for those who seek an immersive experience in Venetian food and wine, a feast for the eyes and the palate. For centuries, the go-to spot for fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and cheese from local vendors, as well as jewels and precious oriental spices, Rialto remains a special place. The colours, smells, the thousand voices that animate it, the location overlooking the Grand Canal, all come together to create an extraordinary alchemy of emotions.

At the market, a stop in one of the typical Venetian "bacari", the traditional Venetian wine bars that crowd the area, for "a cicheto and n'ombra de vin", that is a dainty morsel and a glass of wine. Enjoying the delights of the lagoon, drinking good wine or a spritz in these characteristic establishments with a lively and noisy atmosphere, is like diving into the most authentic Venetian tradition.

Sweet and sour sardines in saor, marinated anchovies, grilled cuttlefish, meatballs, are the special dishes that, in the typical osterie, the cook prepares before your eyes while revealing the secrets of the local cuisine.

In Venice it is easy to go from trattoria to starred table. Thanks to the arrival of Michelin-starred chefs, the city is experiencing a "haute cuisine renaissance", with seven restaurants that have now ascended to the heights of the culinary Olympus, and Venice is the most star-studded city in the Veneto region. So why not relax and enjoy the dishes of a great chef in a gourmet restaurant or in the bistro of a boutique hotel and savour the taste, aromas and beauty of traditional recipes re-created according to the most glamorous trends of the moment?

Photo credits: Venissa

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