Classical Venice: the treasures of Piazza San Marco


"Classical Venice" is a walk through the gems of Piazza San Marco and the glorious past of its priceless heritage.

The Doge's Palace, the ancient residence of the Doge, ushers us into the corridors of power of the Serenissima, as well as disclosing to us, with its 36 column capitals, facts and stories about the Venetian society of the time.

The Basilica of San Marco, shimmering with gold mosaics, opens its portals to a myriad facets that make us relive the glories of Byzantium and the atmosphere of the crossroads of cultures that has always distinguished Venice.

At the Correr Museum our journey starts from the treasures of classicism, travels through the great masterpieces of Venetian history and finally takes on an Austrian aura in the rooms dedicated to Empress Sissi; we imagine the young empress in the intimacy of her apartments, during unofficial lunches, private audiences, or while reading in her private sitting room or busy at her toilette in her highly decorated "boudoir".

We finally enter the Marciana Library, an oasis of peace and culture, one of the largest Italian libraries, the custodian of the finest collections of Greek, Latin and oriental manuscripts in the world.

The visit includes the Monumental Rooms, where curious facts, peculiarities, "secret itineraries" and special pathways bring back to life the glorious past of the city.

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