Classical Venice: the treasures of Piazza San Marco How can we begin to describe the emotions we feel when marvelling at the enamels, gold and precious stones of the Pala d'Oro in St. Mark's Basilica? Secret Venice: a world of beauty and intriguing facts We push open a gate and discover a gazebo draped in wisteria, and a waterfall of roses cascading from a terrace on the Grand Canal. It’s a secret garden…Let's explore together! Venice, the queen of blown glass Are you curious to learn more and discover the tradition that has made Venice and Murano international centres of excellence in artistic glass-making?
The islands of the Lagoon: a watery maze These islands reveal to us what life was like before Venice was born. Let yourself be lulled by the tranquil sounds of the Lagoon, as its timeless landscape unfolds before your eyes. The scent of old shops: a walk across working Venice The gondola is the quintessential product of Venetian craftsmanship. Did you know how many types of wood and separate parts are needed to produce a gondola? Modern and contemporary art in Venice A great opportunity to discover the smaller art galleries, the exhibitions and ateliers of the young artists who keep the creative spirit alive in the city.
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