With Fendi for the “People Make the Difference” event

Corporate Event

“People Make the Difference” is the silver thread running through the Fendi Group’s WW Retail Seminar held in Venice on 17-19 April 2018. The company focused all the components of the event on the importance of people, ideas and common results.

What better opportunity to organize a special team building event in the name of being together and living a fully Venetian experience on the water?

For Fendi we organized a Dragon Boat race on traditional Chinese-style rowing boats adorned with the head and tail of a dragon. The boats are narrow and the restricted space requires cohesion and coordination. It is therefore a very exciting way to motivate participants: overcoming limits, team building, perseverance.

The race took place in the canal next to the Hilton Molino Stucky Mill in Venice with the lagoon in the background, in a sparkling and enthusiastic atmosphere. With 300 guests, 600 paddles, 16 boats and 30 staff members, we created an event characterized by team building and commitment, bringing together guests, participants and spectators, in accordance with the company's communication blueprint.

All together in the same boat! All together to the beat of the drum!

Client: Fendi

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