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Venetian Journey to discover new itineraries and hidden treasures

Cultural Event

From Paris to Venice... a 5 day full immersion in the lagoon city to experience the hidden wonders and most authentic traditions of this area.

Taking a plunge into the Carnival of Venice for the spectacular flight, or as they say here, Svolo, of the Eagle from the Campanile, a reenactment of when Turks were "flying" around the Square hoisted by theatrical equipment, as were animals and even boats! And in the general hustle and bustle of masks, costumes, and historical pageants, a moment of peace and relaxation at the MET: an aperitif in the magical atmosphere of one of the most fascinating locations in the city with the impeccable style of the chef. According to the guests, all was divine!
Day 2
Divine was also the welcome extended to our guests by the director of Casa Goldoni who opened the house-museum of the famous playwright for us and us alone; a unique experience that our art historian was able to re-create through the stories of the incredible life of Carlo Goldoni.
Day 3
A night dedicated to the allure and mystery of the city, with a boat promenade along the Grand Canal at dusk, a gondola ride through the smaller, more intimate canals to the discovery of unique and fabulous Venice... and to complete the fairy tale, a night walk in search of the most mysterious corners still haunted by the dark and secret stories of a legendary past.
Day 4
Fresh itineraries in the lagoon! Off to Murano, to one of the most famous glass factories in the world, to admire the authentic glass blowing techniques and the precious objects in the family museum; a completely private visit, hosted with style, good wine and cicchetti. And then on to Burano, to sample the delights of the lagoon in the restaurant/museum Da Romano. In Torcello, in the heart of what was once one of the most prosperous lagoon settlements, an "artist's home" among the sandbanks; Casa Andrich, an unforgettable experience!
And finally, the treasures of classical and monumental Venice with themed itineraries custom tailored for our guests, to leave them with "good memories" and to communicate the essence of the city and its history. 

From Paris to Venice... to tap into emotion! 

Highly appreciated feedback: "Dear Nexa we are now back in Paris, but I wanted to thank you for your friendliness and especially for your professionalism, a rare commodity nowadays; my friends will always remember this trip with fond memories!"

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