TVGW Virtual Tours by Nexa - MURANO: Venetian Mirrors

TVGW Virtual Tours by Nexa - MURANO: Venetian Mirrors

The TVGW Virtual tours by Nexa for Friday 10 September will take you on a virtual tour of the Venetian mirror workshop of Barbini Specchi, where the inimitable Venetian mirrors with magical reflections that adorn the walls of the world's most magnificent palaces, such as Versailles, have always been created.

Dating back to the 17th century, the company currently can count on the talents of three generations of expert craftsmen who, with great passion, profound historical know-how and professional experience, carry on the priceless legacy of techniques and trade secrets of this age-old art.

Together with Pietro Barbini and our guide, we will see how an authentic Venetian mirror is made and witness some of the stages of the process: the design, cutting, bevelling, engraving, silvering and assembly, resulting in the triumph of curves, swirls and crystal details of the final product.

The virtual journey will then continue among the hidden gems that this corner of Murano has preserved to this day.

Photo © Barbini Specchi Veneziani

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