TVGW Tours by Nexa - Venice: lampworking and tiffany technique

September 08th | TVGW Tours by Nexa - Venice: lampworking and tiffany technique

The TVGW Tours by Nexa for Tuesday, September 8th in Venice will feature two artisans who, with their technique and great creativity, carry on the magical heritage of artistic glassmaking in the heart of the city.

The first is Bruno Amadi with his workshop which is a veritable Noah's Ark! For 40 years Amadi has been creating wonderful natural shapes with a unique mastery. On his workbench, crowded with very thin multicoloured glass canes, the master produces small animals of all species, vegetables, small magical worlds that encapsulate centuries-old skills and craftsmanship. 

Nexa's guide will then take you to the studio of Marco Franzato, who, with his artistic Tiffany style leaded stained-glass windows, is the interpreter of highly original combinations of glass and metal. The artist/artisan is also the creator of jewelry and furnishing accessories; wall clocks, mirrors, vases, pen holders, kaleidoscopes and greenhouses for small plants, all made with inimitable processes. 

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Federica Lazzarini, Nexa sas
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