TVGW Tours by Nexa - MURANO: Women in Glass

TVGW Tours by Nexa - MURANO: Women in Glass

The TVGW Tours by Nexa for Saturday 4 September are dedicated to El Cocal, the all-female glass studio that reinterprets the art of blown glass.

Part Italian and part American, Chiara Lee Taiarol decided to return to Italy and open El Cocal - the Venetian word for seagull - in Murano, the first all-female glass furnace, after a number of experiences in different parts of the world.

The objectives of Chiara and co-founder Mariana Oliboni, are manifold: to foster and promote the culture of glass making and breathe new life into this age-old craft whilst still respecting tradition, yet at the same time seeking a contamination with different genres and arts, starting from music.

At El Cocal, you can see how musical instruments are made out of glass and become true objects of performance art.

To reach this unique glass studio, you and your guide will walk along the Rio dei Vetrai, the canal that divides the islands of San Pietro and Santo Stefano,  exploring some of the landmarks and ancient legends of this magical island.

Photo © El Cocal Glass Studio

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