TVGW Tours by Nexa - MURANO: The Venetian Chandelier and The World of Venini

TVGW Tours by Nexa - MURANO: The Venetian Chandelier and The World of Venini

The TVGW Tours by Nexa for Friday 10 September will be presenting two icons of Murano art glass: Barovier & Toso and Venini

At Barovier & Toso our guide will accompany you to the discovery of Venetian chandeliers!

The most refined of artificial light sources, the chandelier was initially made of wood or metal. It was not until the 17th century that glass began to be used, which, thanks to refraction, distributed the light all around it. Since then, in Murano chandeliers have always been synonymous with meticulous workmanship; they consist of many small glass elements and are usually multi-coloured. To learn more about this "illuminating" history, we will take you inside the leading company in decorative glass lighting, where veritable crystal "dreams" have been made for centuries.The tour will continue with a visit to an old industrial building transformed into a temple of light where the precious chandeliers - from the classic Venetian style chandeliers to those with simpler, modern lines - celebrate the work that has characterised the activity of master glassmakers for seven hundred years in creating timeless collections.

The second TVGW by Nexa for Friday 10 September is dedicated to the historic Venini brandname, the glass company that for over a hundred years has been creating distinctive pieces that blend traditional art with the appeal of contemporary aesthetics. Thanks to our guide, you will get to know the "World of Venini", which has always stood out for the extremely particular workmanship of the masters, as well as for the wide range of colours, and technical peculiarities of absolute relevance, enriched by the numerous designer collaborations as evidenced by the unique pieces, prototypes that never reached production and very rare trial proofs displayed in the showroom of the furnace.

At the end of this exciting visit, you will walk with our guide along the Rio dei Vetrai, the canal that divides the island of San Pietro from that of Santo Stefano, to discover some of the iconic sights and ancient legends of this magical island.

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