TVGW Tours by Nexa - MURANO: Mosaics & Murrine

TVGW Tours by Nexa - MURANO: Mosaics & Murrine

The TVGW Tours by Nexa for Sunday 5 September are dedicated to Murrina glassmaking!

Without a shadow of a doubt the best known of the many techniques used by the Murano glassmakers, it is perhaps also the oldest!

In fact, its origins date back to the time of the ancient Romans when, in 61 B.C., Pompey brought back from Alexandria some vases called "murrha" which, with their colourful reflections, became one of the most sought-after luxury goods in the ancient world.

Today, the term 'murrine' refers to small miniature mosaics made from glass canes that are revealed when the cane is cut into thin cross-sections.

Are you curious to learn more and see how a murrina is created? Our guide will take you to the Vianello Murrine workshop where Davide will show you the fascinating artistic process of making a millefiori murrina using complex techniques that are a family secret, handed down through the generations.

At the end of this special visit that will fill your eyes with beautiful multi-coloured designs, the tour will continue with a short walk to the Basilica of Santi Maria e Donato, the oldest church on the island, to admire its stunning floor and wall mosaics.

Photo © Vianello Nadia Murrine

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