Tinexta First 10 years: an event in the name of networking and culture

Tinexta S.p.a., listed on the STAR segment of the Italian stock exchange, is a Group that operates in three business segments: Digital Trust, Credit Information & Management, Innovation & Marketing Services. Its mission is to assist Italian companies to acquire skills and competitiveness in the global market with a focus on innovation and digitalization.

It is in the name of networking that Engineer Enrico Salza, founder of Tinexta, chose to organize the event for the Tinexta 10-year anniversary in Venice, in two venues that are the symbol of culture and great works of civilization: the Hilton Molino Stucky in the former industrial mill on Giudecca island that Giovanni Stucky, an expert in the processing and trade of wheat, built in Venice as the realization of his great entrepreneurial vision, and the Giorgio Cini Foundation on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, established in 1951 by Vittorio Cini, with the aim of developing educational, social, cultural and artistic institutions.

What did Nexa organize for Tinexta?

Networking was also for us the focal element in the organization of the services: the logistics of arrivals and transfers within the city by private motorboat, the assistance of our staff and hostesses, the tour guides, the organizational secretariat and the back office which have been the hub of all actions and relations. We managed and coordinated the hotel hospitality and staging of all moments of the event: the welcome cocktail on the Skyline Rooftop of the Hilton Molino Stucky, the gala dinner, the conference room in the prestigious spaces of the Giorgio Cini Foundation.

The organization took place in an atmosphere of absolute collaboration where the support, advice and proposals from both sides, together with the network of relationships that we put in place, generated a beautiful and useful event.

Thank you Tinexta for choosing Nexa as the organizer of your 10-year anniversary in Venice!

Client: Tinexta S.p.a.

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