Tiepolo Ball; Nexa organizes the Ball of the Century with Dior and Venetian Heritage

Gala Event

On May 11th, together with Venetian Heritage, Maison Christian Dior organized the Tiepolo Ball at Palazzo Labia in Venice.

The Tiepolo Ball was born as a re-enactment of the iconic "Ball of the Century" created by art collector Charles de Beistegui in 1951. At that time, the costumes had been designed by Christian Dior together with Salvador Dalì. This year, in 2019, Dior wanted to recreate an extraordinary event at Palazzo Labia in Venice, among the Tiepolo frescoes, with atmospheres, characters, clothes, furnishings, lights, decorations and music all straight out of a fairy tale.

We were there, we were entrusted with the production; we therefore put together the best of our relations and our suppliers to create, together with Dior and Venetian Heritage, the Ball of the Century.

The curtain opened on Palazzo Labia with a contemporary dance show, outside, in front of the Grand Canal, while our stewards, in black cloaks and "bauta" masks, welcomed the guests, most of them wearing historical costumes.

At the entrance of the Palace, decorated with antique furniture and furnishings, orange and lemon trees filled the air with exotic fragrances, fairy tale characters elegantly strolled among the guests, a classical quartet played, while champagne was served from the bar station set up by the Gritti Palace in Venice.

The gala dinner took place in the eighteenth-century rooms of the first noble floor of Palazzo Labia; 10 rooms, 17 custom-made tables, Fortuny tablecloths, dazzling sterling silver, ceramics and antiques on tables divided by theme and colour, a blaze of flowers and fruit among the dishes and silverware, arrived directly from Paris.

After dinner, beauty was again center stage, with the outdoor courtyard on the ground floor of Palazzo Labia canopied and turned into a theatrical backdrop by our technicians and interior designers with drapes, tassels and lights; the illusion of a starry sky was created under which the guests danced the night away to the rhythm of the DJ.

Well, what else can we say? It was a magical night, the kind you see only once in a lifetime!Once again, kudos toNexa for organizing the Tiepolo Ball and many thanks to all and from all; the managers of Palazzo Labia, the Dior organizers, our suppliers: interior designers, engineers, interior architects, seamstresses, ironing ladies, electricians, florists, actors, costume designers, musicians, stewards, bodyguards. We are indeed a great team!

Client: DIOR – Christian Dior Couture

Photo ©:
- DIOR – Christian Dior Couture
- Giorgio Schiarato, Your Event Venice

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