The Venice Carnival at Caffè Florian, as ever the focal point of elegance and luxury

Corporate Event 

Caffè Florian in Piazza San Marco, a coveted destination for those who want to savour true Venetian style in all its elegance, has always played a pivotal role in the Venice Carnival. Every year the most beautiful masks strive to gain access to the café, even if just for a coffee and to be photographed in those rarefied surroundings as a souvenir of that unforgettable moment.

On the occasion of the last edition of the Carnival, we provided Florian with the best of our staff as a support in managing the crowd of revellers and masked Venetians who came to to enjoy the essence and magic of this famous café.

Our stewards, handsome, elegant and smiling, made the difference in welcoming visitors in a style in keeping with the oldest coffee house in Europe that has attracted the regular patronage of many distinguished people over the centuries.

The management of the Florian and the café's regular staff were more than happy with the impeccable service that we provided with our boys. We are always happy to be part of these important festive days that are such a prominent feature of the Carnival and history of Venice.

Client: Caffé Florian - S.A.C.R.A. s.r.l. 

Photo Banner © Caffè Florian

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