The secrets of Venetian masks; an immersive experience with La Mer in Venice, combining mystery, transformation, and beauty

Corporate Event

La Mer is a legend in the world of cosmetics and has an amazing story to tell, we at Nexa love to convey emotions to our guests and with La Mer we created an immersive experience that would translate the company's mission and philosophy.

La Mer’s journey began when German aerospace physicist Max Huber suffered a horrific lab accident more than 30 years ago, when during a routine experiment a space rocket exploded in his face, resulting in severe chemical burns. 12 years and 6,000 experiments later, Crème de la Mer was born – a fermentation process combining nutrient-rich sea kelp with other natural ingredients to create the miracle that would visibly restore Huber’s skin.

Transformation is the daily experience that La Mer offers with its products and the concept on which we based our Venetian event. What better symbol of transformation than the mask and its secrets? The mask is part of Venice, it embodies the essence of this city, and, since ancient times, has been a symbol of mystery, enigma, transgression, an object capable of connecting body and soul and projecting them into a mystical and divine world.

We focused on places and people who could convey an emotion. We designed a fascinating journey through ateliers and old workshops where the latest authentic "mask makers" produce their creations. Seeing how a mask comes to life starting from humble materials like rags and paper mache, touching it, decorating it, wearing it while the master craftsman tells its thousand-year long history, has all the charm of the seduction that made it famous in the world.

Mission accomplished! For the “influencers” of La Mer, each part of the program was like taking a plunge into the most fascinating Venetian traditions, where boutique hotels, typical trattorias and magical places all contributed to create an experience celebrating the great cosmetics brand, its legend and unique formula.

Client: La Mer

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