The organization of the XL Catlin event: a successful case history

Corporate Event

XL Catlin is one of the major global "speciality" insurance and reinsurance company and world-class provider of fine arts insurance. International culture distinguishes the company; excellence, efficiency and support are the guidelines of its relations throughout the world.

The organization of the XL Catlin event was developed precisely along these lines: excellence of relations, efficiency of services, support in sharing the best solutions. Therefore, choosing the venue, finding the hotels, defining the set up, providing the logistics, sourcing the vendors, was been a team effort that proved to be one of our most successful case histories. 

The evening will forever be etched in the eyes and heart of all participants: the colours of the lagoon at sunset, the view of Piazza San Marco in the distance, the seductive notes of the sax that marked the arrival of the guests on board our luxury boats, the hostesses who welcomed and opened the doors into the magic of the interior design. The lights were reflected on the white surfaces of the furniture and on the walls of the old Granaries and converged on the large water curtain designed for the event. Then the music became more upbeat and announced the show; two acrobats suspended on the wall danced an exciting choreography of smooth, flowing movements. 

The emotion we shared with XL Catlin was like an exchanged gift, resonating with the concept of their brand. "Make your world go" - dream bigger, dig deeper and work harder every day, put your imagination in what you do and work as a team to make everything better.

XL Catlin

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