The Nexa appointments with the big brands at the Venice Film Festival

Culture&Leisure Programme & Gala Event

Every year, between the end of August and the first ten days of September, Lido di Venice hosts the Venice International Film Festival, organized by the Venice Biennale. For over eighty years, the festival - the oldest in the world - has brought to the lagoon city the fantastical glamour of the movie industry, where celebrities and glitterati party at the most exclusive events in the city.
In this swirl of festivities we at Nexa can only follow our guests!
This year has been a real whirlwind of events that we have organized for some of the top companies such as Sky, Valentino, Prada, Alberta Ferretti, including the supervision of hospitality and logistics.
Our multilingual assistants welcomed celebrities - actors, actresses, producers, directors, managers - with maximum efficiency; while, our logistics experts worked out flawless transfer plans. Hotels and restaurants were selected according to the preferences of our clients and our "culture and leisure" programs were tailored to each individual request.
Once again, logistics was our trump card, the winning factor, the service that ensures the good organization of events, especially in Venice, where everything happens on water.
It is highly gratifying to be able to "wow" our guests when they board the water taxi chosen for the occasion, and it is even more satisfying to receive excellent feedback for having helped to achieve the desired event!
More power to logistics, then: for our clients that is what makes or breaks a Venetian experience and for us it is a guarantee of confidence and success.

Clients: Valentino, Lamborghini, Louis Vuitton, Sky,, Alberta Ferretti, Prada e Condé Nast

Photo Credit: La Biennale di Venezia

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