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The festival does not live by films alone. Book presentation with an exceptional cast the 71th Venice Film Festival

Cultural Event

The Venice Film Festival brings along a whole host of social functions,parties, and collateral events that make the lagoon city "the must be place" where to see and be seen for film fans and glitterati.

Toto Bergamo Rossi knows that very well, and that is why he gathered friends and representatives of the world of art, film and the international jet set for the presentation of his coffee table book on Saturday, August 30.

The event was hosted by Louis Vuitton, which shares with the director of the Venetian Heritage Foundation projects in support of art in Venice, in the maison's cultural space in San Marco.

But that's not all! To complete what in filmic terms would be an exceptional cast, the great American director James Ivory flew in to present the book, Living in Venice, for which he had written the preface.

It goes without saying that Nexa was the director of this major event, never missing a cue, ... or a detail!

Roll film aaaand... action! Cut and print!

Client: Louis Vuitton

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