SOLD OUT! TVGW Tours by Nexa - Venice: the world of glass in a bead

September 9th | TVGW Tours by Nexa - Venice: the world of glass in a bead

The TVGW Tour by Nexa for Wednesday, September 9th in Venice is dedicated to glass beads, objects of rare beauty that, in their multiple variations and forms, have always been part of the history of Venetian glassmaking, and still represent a flourishing and important production for the city.

Nexa's guide will introduce you to the magical world of S.U.V Venetian Beads, the company founded in the historic centre of Venice in the 1940s and still today a vibrant workshop where lampworking beads are handcrafted. At SUV you can sense the authenticity of the artistic craftsmanship of the expert perleri, or master bead makers,  who mix glass with precious materials like gold, silver and aventurine.

The tour will continue with La Perla Nera, Paola's shop/workshop where this artisan/crafter creates marvellous glass jewelry by assembling tiny Murano beads according to her mother's teachings and with particular creative techniques and a very personal design.

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SUV glass beads
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