"Science and Society", a prestigious institutional event for the Nexa team

Institutional Event

V.I.M.M. Advanced Biomedical Research Foundation, a national and international centre of excellence for research in the field of cellular and molecular biology, chose Venice to host "Science and Society", the culminating event of the foundation's 25th anniversary celebrations.

The event was held in the stunning Sala degli Arazzi, the Tapestry Room of the Giorgio Cini Foundation in Venice on November 5 and 6, 2021 and was attended by distinguished guests from all over the world.

Throughout the two-day conference, prominent professors and personalities in the field of scientific research contributed their reflections on the consequences that the current health emergency has had in all aspects of our daily lives.

Lunch was held in the impressive Sala del Cenacolo Palladiano while dinner was held in the Ridotto dining room of the Monaco & Grand Canal Hotel.
Pianist Gile Bae delighted the guests with a closing concert, featuring music by Bach, Chopin and Schumann.

The event had considerable media resonance and was also attended by important institutional figures such as the Mayor of Venice and the President of the Veneto Region.

Nexa provided assistance to the participants during all transfers, guaranteeing efficiency, comfort and safety. The qualified and experienced staff took care of every aspect of the meet-and-greet service and remained on hand throughout the event.

We are proud and happy to have taken part in the organization of such a prestigious conference and to have been able to meet the expectations of our client and guests.

Client: V.I.M.M. Advanced Biomedical Research Foundation

Photo ©: Fondazione Giorgio Cini

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