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Renaissance: an exciting dialogue between Carpaccio and Viola by Louis Vuitton


After Where should Othello go in which Pompeo Molmenti's Othello met Tony Oursler's, now Espace Louis Vuitton has taken the ongoing collaboration with Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia one step further by putting two great artists side by side: the master of Venetian painting Vittore Carpaccio and renowned contemporary video artist Bill Viola.
"Renaissance", created by art historian Adrien Goetz and the exhibition curator Hervé Mikaeloff, confirms the commitment of the French luxury brand to offering the city a cultural space where contemporary art meets Venice's artistic heritage.

The works will be on display until May 25 in the new Espace Culturel on the top floor of the maison in San Marco, in a darkly suggestive installation where the novel combination reveals the infinite variations of the word Renaissance.

Nexa has always felt at home in the art world, having been partners for years of the International Center for Art Economics and having organized art-related events for Bruce Naumann and the Philadelphia Museum of Art during the Biennale. We then took on this new challenge with passion and dedication and supported the Louis Vuitton team in the organization of the grand opening.

The event preparation started with a very special delivery of the invitations - over 200 strictly handwritten “cartes d’invitation” were discreetly and professionally delivered by our runners, who for three days wove their way in and out of narrow streets and squares in the city centre and lagoon islands.

With LV, we planned the entire day's program, which opened with a press conference attended by over 30 journalists from the major national and local newspapers.

At the end of the visit to the exhibition illustrated by Adrian Goetz, assisted by our French interpreter, the journalists were greeted by our hostesses at their arrival at the exclusive restaurant of the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal, just steps away from Piazza San Marco, for a leisurely lunch.

The official opening ceremony was held In the late afternoon, and offered a special occasion to admire the works by Carpaccio and Bill Viola.An out-and-out success! The event was attended by nearly 150 guests, including some of the most prominent names in the world of art, fashion and glamour, the representatives of major cultural institutions in the city, as well as the top management of the maison, from Marco Pirone, CEO, LV Italy, to Anne-Catherine Grimal, Vice President, LV Art & Culture Europe & Americas.

The French brand entrusted Nexa also with the organization of all the logistics for the day, confident that with our team everything is in the right place at the right time!

Client: Louis Vuitton Italia

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