Nexa e Crystal Bridges a full-immersion event in Venice

June 23rd|26th, 2019 – Venice


At the end of June, the American museum Crystal Bridges offered its donors a week in Italy dedicated to culture: three full-immersion days in Venice and three in Florence.

Nexa contributed to the organization of the Crystal Bridges tours in Venice, assisting and supporting the guests round the clock during the three days of the program. Visits to private art collections and to the most important cultural foundations were organized, as well as tours of the Biennale and collateral exhibitions to discover the artists who, until November 24th 2019, will enrich the Venetian art scene.

Thanks to the coordination between our back office, the museum staff and our "Guardian Angel", we were able to satisfy the Crystal Bridges group in all its transfers and appointments. One of the key points of our organization was the figure of the "Guardian Angel", our specialized assistant who, during the event, liaised with Nexa's back office, Crystal Bridges and its guests: a pivotal presence, prepared, polite and professional.

How these days went is well expressed in the thanks we received from Crystal Bridges: “All of our guests are happy and felt well taken care of. I was proud of how efficient the transfers went. Thank you, again. ". We are happy when we perceive, through the feedback received, that clients feel welcomed and pampered in this city that we love so much.

Client: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Arkansas USA

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