Nexa and Profirst: the collaboration with the great Parisian agency continues

Corporate event

The partnership and the relationship of mutual trust with Profirst continue this year as well, with Nexa in charge of the logistical support during the Venice International Film Festival.

As the Venetian agency acting as local support for Profirst, we coordinated the visits of their clients in the city, supplying water taxis and logistics personnel. We worked alongside the Parisian agency in the early stage of their contacts in the city, facilitating and speeding up their connections with the local authorities.

We were subsequently tasked with researching and selecting photographers who met the agency's requirements: an internationally renowned photographer specializing in red carpet shoots for the duration of the festival and a team of photographers specialized in reportage who followed the influencers during the activities dedicated to them.

Lead times were very short (photo editing and delivery had to take place within the day), concurrent events and various last minute requests did not hinder the work of the team that always managed to respect the scheduled deadlines.

A select group of hostesses supported the organization of the event from behind the scenes, taking care of the gift bags for the guests from A to Z.

The final stylish touch to the event was our calligrapher who was responsible for the creation of the placeholders for dinners at the Aman Venice and San Clemente Palace Kempinski, using a font specifically created for the occasion.

Also this year we seized this pleasant challenge and it was a source of pride for us to know that we had satisfied our clients' expectations and reconfirmed the trust they had in our work!

Client: Profirst Paris

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