Nexa alongside Profirst for a cutting edge event

Corporate Event

The agency Profirst Paris has brought to Venice one of its best clients, which is top-secret. Nexa was part of the project as a consultant and local organizer.

The event immediately proved to be effervescent, and so it was until the end; a succession of urgent requests and a series of razor’s edge events turned out to be a pleasant challenge that put our "savoir faire" to the test.

We started with a totally outside-the-box survey, visits to unexpected locations, last-minute programs, an out-of-the-blue lunch that was decisive for the choice of the main location. The idea of inviting Profirst to the small boutique hotel with which we have been collaborating on external communications since its opening almost a year ago, was one we had been nurturing for quite a while.

Proud to have suggested the location that became "Home" for our client for the duration of the Film Festival. We worked alongside Profirst and it was a great adventure!

The frenzied late-evening requests of the staff were dutifully met by the next morning, the response of our team of hostess was always timely and impeccable, the urgent need for a calligrapher who could write in a certain way and with a certain nib was fulfilled at once with the flawless contribution of our professional, and what about the 6 cases of Veuve Cliquot requested at 11.30 pm for the next morning at 10 am? We managed to pull even that rabbit out of the hat!

We succeeded in satisfying our clients thanks to our highly selected suppliers and our relationships in the city.

The event was an adventure, an opportunity for growth and a confirmation that when you work with passion, everything becomes possible!

Client: Profirst Paris

Photo © Hotel Heureka

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