New Appointment with Venice Marco Polo Airport for the inauguration of the new expansion of the Passenger Terminal


SAVE once again chose Nexa for another major event: the first expansion of the passenger Terminal of the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, which is part of the general expansion plan for the airport aimed at offering passengers a more pleasurable travel experience.

We followed the event from initial design to the final touches, working closely with the organizers, as well as our partners and suppliers. Our producers, set designers, graphic designers, and interior designers were called in to attend meetings and brain storming sessions to fine-tune every detail of the event, providing the insight and team approach that enabled us to fulfil our client's goals.

The stage setting was designed to coincide perfectly with the existing structures and layout: large luminous halls with a windowed ceiling, escalators, fountain walls, plants and palm trees. A separate area was reserved and staged for the institutional part of the event with the presentation ceremony to guests and authorities, in the presence of the Minister of Infrastructure, Graziano Delrio. The cocktail party was organized in an another area where a more intimate space was created, while still retaining the panoramic and luminous ambience, under the large windows opening to the sky.

One of our strengths in organizing the event and the key factor to the smooth running of the event was the logistics: 30 hostesses and stewards coordinated the personalized meet & greet service assisting and guiding the guests from arrival to departure, in different locations and at various times of the event.

And, last but definitely not least, we gladly embraced Save’s initiative to offer guests a memorable and tasteful gift, the work of talented artist Anna Paola Cibin who created a limited edition of her famous velvet fish decorated with gold and small glass beads for the event.

What got most excited in organizing this event was to see the project gradually come to life, as we worked together with our clients and suppliers.

Cliente: SAVE S.p.A.

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