Logistics in style for ASTORG in Venice

Corporate Event

Astorg is a European private equity group and investment management company and this year in April they organized their Annual General Meetingin Venice. Nexa was called in to handle all the logistics.

Logistics is a very important activity, especially in Venice, a city where people move on water, which is so fascinating, yet so singular. Weknow that the event starts right from the moment of the arrival of the guests and that a well organized transfer not only paves the way for what will follow, but is also an excellent business card for the organizers. The choice of the water taxis and the selection of the staff make the difference, the back office and all the activities and relationships that take place there set the guidelines for the success of the event. In the back office logistics is analysed, the client and the suppliers are brought together to identify the course and strategies to follow.

The Astorg event required months of preparation and many dedicated people: 1 event manager to supervise the action plan and 1logistics assistant in the back office, 10 staff members including stewards and stewards as well as a good number of excellent taxi drivers. From the arrival of the guests, to the transfers in the city between the JW Marriott hotel, Punta della Dogana, Scuola Grande di San Rocco and Palazzo Polignac, until the day of departure, we developed a precise and synchronized mechanism that allowed us to create great team work where everyone played their part smoothly and seamlessly, with great efficiency and professionalism.

Congratulations from Astorg and the consulting agency with whom we shared the event. We are proud of our logistics made of efficiency, good management, and creativity.

Client: Astorg

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