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Launching the Nord Stream Project

Corporate Event

Since 2006, Saipem has celebrated every successful project or contract by hosting an event in the city for its protagonists. One that stands out among the most important occasions was in June 2008, when Saipem and Nord Stream AG signed an agreement for the laying of the Nord Stream gas pipeline that would link Russia and Germany across the Baltic Sea. In September of the same year, the top representatives of the signatory parties met in Venice to celebrate the event in style.
Nexa managed all hospitality services with its usual professionalism, from organizing the conference at the San Clemente Palace Hotel, to the gala event in the prestigious Palazzo Pisani Moretta, along with the numerous social functions and the varied program of events and itineraries rich in history and tradition like the Historical Regatta.
In all the events managed and the relationships that it has been able to consolidate with Saipem, Nexa has thus confirmed its reliability and further established its international-level approach and modus operandi as the only way to guarantee the communication objectives it has been mandated to fulfill.

Client: Saipem Italia

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