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InTouch 2014: continuing the Wonderware industrial software revolution!

Corporate Event

After the October sneak preview, "The Industrial Revolution begins now" is the new series of events during which Wonderware officially unveiled its 2 new products: 2 different events for 2 different launches, and 2 different locations starring Intouch2014, the world's most popular HMI software, and SystemPlatform2014 which allows the development of applications in less time taking into account the real needs of the plant personnel.

The events were designed in collaboration with the multinational software company that once again entrusted Nexa with the organization of the entire project, for which the recurring theme selected was speed and efficiency. We developed all the organizational steps, and chose as the locations two places that are the symbol of these concepts.

The first event took place at the Autodromo di Monza, the racetrack known as the Italian "Temple of Speed" in the collective imagination.
Upon arrival, guests were guided to the paddocks by signage created for the occasion, where our umbrella girls welcomed and accredited them in true Formula 1 style.
The presentations were held in the Briefing Room where attending guests were able to enjoy the view of the racetrack of one of the oldest circuits in the world.
At the end of the meeting we arranged a guided tour around the racetrack to ensure guests could enjoy the experience at its fullest and appreciate even more in the magical atmosphere of this sports center of excellence, famous for hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix almost uninterruptedly since 1922.
The location chosen for the second round was instead the Ferrari Museum in Maranello dedicated to the sports car manufacturer whose iconic prancing horse has become the symbol of Italian excellence in the world.

Like for the Monza leg of the roadshow, the day began with the presentation of the two new Wonderware products. Between the two presentations the guests were given the opportunity to make a "pit stop" at the Ferrari shop inside the Museum and step into the shoes of a real Formula 1 driver, driving a F1 car thanks to the driving simulator that reproduces every detail of the most popular circuits in the world of car racing.
Finally, while the guests were enjoying an exclusive visit to the new "California Dreaming" exhibition, where, in addition to the extraordinary historical single seater cars, they were able to admire a 375 completely transformed for American racing, the rare and "monstrous" 712 Can Cam and the latest LaFerrari supercar, our team, matching the speed of the famed Ferrari "tire change", transformed the conference room into a dining area.

On balance, the two legs of the roadshow have been very positive for both the client, who could count on a high turnout, with approximately 150 attendees as the result of a careful and targeted direct marketing service carried out by our staff, and for Nexa, who saw Wonderware and its customers reconfirm our company as a trusted partner.

Nexa also provided the online registration service for the Wonderware events through a dedicated section of the company website, as well as selecting the caterer and the gifts and giveaways, creating the conference kit, and providing the logistics and the guests' meet and greet and reception service.


Client: Wonderware Italia SpA

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