I'll gift you a garden in Venice!

July 5th, 2021 - Venice


What could be more special than a tour of Venice's secret gardens as a gift for a hen party?

A group of friends approached us to give the bride-to-be an unusual walk through a 'green' and still little-known Venice.

The gardens of Venice - more than 500 of them - are places to be discovered, closely related to the history and structure of the city and its changes. The high tides sometimes make them inaccessible, and the climate and lack of care make them inhospitable, but very active associations protect their recovery and preservation. It is a wonderful green world that we love to promote and explore!

Together with our guide, a garden expert and scholar, we have created a tour of the most romantic lush green terraces on the water, gardens nestled between palaces and courtyards, and monastery gardens. One of our guests told us: "It was exciting to ring the doorbell, be greeted by a nun, and step into an enchanted garden full of roses, redolent with intense and fresh scents, a true oasis of beauty!

At the end of the tour, a toast to the bride, which we organised in a typical restaurant with products from the Lagoon, was a must.

"Thank you for making our gift special and giving us the opportunity to have a beautiful and unique experience!". These are words that fill us with joy and reconfirm our commitment to creating unique, fun and fulfilling experiences.

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