Happy birthday, Twinset!

Corporate Event

On Friday, May 11, together with Twinset, we celebrated the first anniversary of the Venice boutique. At 5:00 pm, many of the guests were already eagerly waiting for the store to throw its doors open and the Cocktail Party to begin. 

At the entrance, the guests were welcomed by Dj Agi who enlivened the evening with lounge and soul music. Captured by the mirrored console they glimpsed through the window, numerous passersby came in to explore the two floors of the glam boutique. Upstairs we had created a familiar and welcoming atmosphere where to drink a toast to Twinset and taste some Venetian specialties, surrounded by the brand’s designer clothes. 

The guest of honour was the beautiful Paola Turani who entertained her many fans offering suggestions for perfect shots and posing with them. Her spontaneity and sympathy perfectly matched the mood of the collection, rich in floral patterns and fresh pastel hues. 

In addition to organizing the event, Nexa had also managed the previous stage, seeing to the list of guests, which drawn up on an "ad hoc" public selected for the occasion. Thanks to our thirty-year-long experience in the territory, we were able to send out more than 500 invitations. 

Many regular and new customers have celebrated this important milestone of Twinset with us. We are happy to have contributed positively to the renewal of the spirit of the store by creating an even more special bond with the city. 

Client: Twinset 

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