Gala dinner with The American Friends of the Louvre, Venetian Heritage and Maserati to celebrate the beauty of art in Venice

Gala Event

On Friday, June 23rd, 2017, at the Scuola Grande della Misericordia in Venice we organized a charity gala dinner to raise funds for the preservation of the Venetian artistic heritage.

The event was hosted by The American Friends of the Louvre, an organization promoting collaborations between the Louvre and American institutions , Venetian Heritage,  an international non-profit organization operating for the Safeguarding of Venice, and Maserati. For the charity auction, Maserati donated a customised car in three-layer white colour specifically created for the occasion.

Nexa was entrusted with the scenic design of the event based on the creative concept conceptualized with the organizers: “I want to give people the wow factor,” global philanthropist and fundraiser Becca Cason had instructed. “I want it to be dramatic: capes, masks and headpieces — really going for it! Medieval, iconoclastic, old-world, turn-of-the-century!” 

The event was an explosion of spectacularly striking stage effects and magical moments: a dazzling and theatrical atmosphere for the pre-dinner drinks, an ethereal mood for the gala dinner. In the entrance hall, the play of light and ambient music, ostrich feather displays and Baroque details were the background to the Maserati framed by classic columns, while 5 costumed actors moved elegantly among the guests who were all wearing a face mask. The upper-floor hall was like a painting. The warm and soft lights, the 4 long imperial tables with sage green tablecloths, the stunning flower displays, the columns of leaves topped by classic vases, the thousand fairy lights weaving among the lemon and pomegranate topiaries created a truly unforgettable experience!

Here is the feedback we received from Becca Cason:

My sincerest and profound thanks to you for creating EXACTLY what I had imagined for so long. It was MAGICAL!!!
The building itself is a triumph; It stands alone as superb....But for one night we all created a fantasy that will be forever remembered by all that were privileged enough to be part of the experience!!!
I appreciate so much each of you and all your efforts.
We can all be proud of an exceptional result.
Thank you. God bless you.
Love, Becca

Cliente: The American Friends of the Louvre

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