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Festa del Redentore

Private Event

For centuries, on the third Sunday of July, Venice has celebrated Festa del Redentore, the Feast of the Redeemer, the festival in thanksgiving for deliverance from the 1575-1577 outbreak of the plague and the votive church by the same name that was built on Giudecca. On Saturday evening at dusk, St Mark’s Basin comes alive with thousands of illuminated boats festooned with flowers and balloons, in a blaze of lights and colours, and a multitude of people merrily feast on traditional food waiting for the magnificent fireworks display to begin at midnight. On the occasion of the Feast of the Redeemer, Nexa has organized exclusive events in unique and prestigious locations: the cloisters of old monasteries, magnificent terraces commanding a view over Saint Mark’s Basin, palaces and luxury hotels overlooking the lagoon, beautiful sailing ships at anchor in front of Piazza San Marco ... .. always succeeding in creating the thrill of an unforgettable experience. The forecourt of the church of San Giorgio Maggiore, the old granaries of the Republic now part of Hotel Cipriani, the Palace complex housing Hotel Bauer Palladio, the highly unconventional Casa dei Tre Oci, the great sailing ship Nave Italia, were the perfect settings for a perfect, full-spectrum organization. Nexa took care of every aspect of the events, including hotel bookings, meet & greet services, logistics and transportation, and, last, but definitely not least, the gala evening, where every detail contributed to create the harmony of a memorable event in the truest, most festive tradition.

Client: Private and Public Institutions

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