Executive Dinner at Hotel Metropole in Venice with Schneider Electric - Wonderware Italia Spa

Corporate Event

Wonderware Italia has once again chosen Nexa for a Venetian event combining culture and beauty.

On April 5th, 2017, we organized the Executive Dinner 4.0, where 4.0 stands for the National Industry 4.0 Plan of the Ministry of Economic Development aimed at enabling all companies to increase their profitability by investing in high-tech software. Wonderware Italia S.p.A. presented the guidelines of this project to a group of executivesfrom the Veneto Industry.

Location was the first step to creating an eventthat best interpreted the communication goals of the Client. We chose the Hotel Metropole, one of the classiest hotels and a beacon of hospitality in Venice, where the culture and style of old-world hotellerie transpires from every detail.

The project's presentation conference was set up in the leafy "courtyard", around a 16th century well-head surrounded by jasmine, palm trees and citrus plants. Dinner was held at theMichelin- starredMet Restaurant, bathed in the soft light of the Murano chandeliers and among priceless antiques that speak of art, culture and beauty.

Our guests were also treated to a special visit to the family art collections displayed in exhibition cases or arranged in small groups: 19th century visiting card cases, turn-of-the-century evening pouch bags, unusual corkscrews, nutcrackers and crucifixes (one of the most important collections in Italy) , hand painted, lace, silk, tortoiseshell, mother of pearl fans.

The client's feedback was very positive, expressing satisfaction that the elegant and stylish event we had organized contributed to successfully deliver the concept that the company wished to convey.

Client: Wonderware Italia S.p.A.

Photo Credit: Hotel Metropole

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