European Cultural Heritage Summit 2021 - Giorgio Cini Foundation Venice. Nexa’s hostesses deliver a 5-star all-round service.


From 21 to 24 September 2021, Venice hosted the European Cultural Heritage Summit 2021 organised by Europa Nostra, a citizens' movement committed to the protection of Europe's cultural and natural heritage. 

The summit was held in the stunning setting of the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, at the headquarters of the Giorgio Cini Foundation, which this year celebrates 70 years of outstanding work in the fields of culture, research and education. Moreover, with the celebration of its 1600th anniversary, the choice of Venice as the host city takes on an important symbolic value as the city has been listed as "the" most endangered site in Europe. 

This special edition of the conference was held in a hybrid format; in-person, ensuring a small group of attendees were on-site, and online for a broader audience. 

Organizing the hosting of an international conference, in these pandemic times, is a further challenge for us. In addition to the customary efforts we dedicate to the preparation of our staff – identifying the right resources according to the theme and type of event, briefing them extensively, carrying out a pre-event on-site inspection and liaising with the client’s contact persons – we now have to put in place a number of actions to ensure maximum ease of mind for our guests. 

And so it was with this summit where our hostesses performed their conference duties flawlessly, registering attendees, checking lists, managing the conference room, coordinating ancillary services. And much, much more! Within the constraints imposed by the current health crisis, our staff made mandatory procedures – green pass control, temperature measurement, mask control – an indispensable yet unobtrusive element of a 5-star hospitality, attentive, gracious, and natural. 

It has been a real honour for us to join Europa Nostra in this special edition of the European Cultural Heritage Summit. 

Client: Europa Nostra

Photo ©: Europa Nostra

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